• We started Elevar because we absolutely love cricket, but despite years of trying, we could not fall in love with a cricket bat.
  • At different times, bats have let us down in terms of performance, reliability, and style.
  • So we decided to build a bat that addresses all these problems and a brand that reflects the values of the new age cricketer.
  • Our prices are very much a reflection of the design, R&D and the higher costs of manufacturing that we incur because of the design changes.
  • We believe that whether you’re playing in your gully or playing for India, you should never have to compromise when it comes to the products you use.
  • Our team of engineers, designers, and craftsmen make our products from the finest materials, marrying science with product design to ensure our bats are effective and provide a great experience irrespective of the format.
  • Our bats won’t turn you into Kohli overnight, but they’ll help you enjoy batting that much more every time you’re out there, be it in your gully or a stadium.
  • Yes, while the willow quality of our bats varies, the ergonomic handle design, superior grip technology and aerodynamic blade are innovations you can find across all our bats.

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