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Our Story

Like so many Indians, we’re cricket obsessed.  Yet we've long struggled with bats that are either cheap and flimsy, or heavy and expensive. 
When we look to the other sports, we see the massive amounts of time and R&D that go into making these amazing pieces of equipment.  We just felt incumbent cricket brands kept letting us down in this manner. 
That's why we're building premium, balanced, comfortable & stylish bats for those just like us, who love the game and never want to compromise on a truly amazing batting experience.  

We Stand at The Intersection of Art & Science

We strongly believe that great product design is possible only where science and art break even. Which is why we strive to bring princples from aerodynamics, mechanics & material science to the age old art of bat making to ensure our customer’s are treated to delightful products every single time. 

We hand-select all of willows to ensure performance and durability.

We hand pick each & every piece of  wood to make sure all of our bats are made from best-in-class willows for their respective price points. 

A smarter supply chain.

By delivering the bat directly to you, we're able to remove all retail markups. These costs are re-invested to our R&D so that we can deliver superior quality bats at similar prices.