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Loved the top hand and solid balance of the Elevar Bat

 - Suniel Shetty

Absolutely loved this Elevar Delhi Limited Edition Bat

 - Ranvijay Singh

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which bat should i buy?

  • The Elevar Kashmir (with PU grip) is suitable for leather ball cricket while the Elevar Gully is suitable for tennis ball play.
  • The Elevar Kashmir with PU grip (Rs. 2990) uses grade-1 Kashmir Willow and has a thicker profile giving it better stroke but a heavier feel. It can be used for season ball cricket.
  • Elevar Gully (Rs. 1990) comes in different sizes and weights (950 - 1175g) depending on what ball type you use (soft tennis, rubber, hard tennis).

which grip should i get?

  • Rubber Grip - Meant for usage with gloves.
  • Premium Polyruethane Grip - Meant for bare-hand usage.

do i need to knock this bat?

  • The Elevar Kashmir bats are knocked in 500 times using a mallet.
  • But bats take some time to reach optimal stroke. So, we recommend you do some knocking in yourself and play some light bowling in the nets before taking it out into a match.
  • We suggest at least 4-5 sessions of knocking using a mallet, with each session lasting around 2 hours.

can i use this for season ball cricket?

  • The Elevar Kashmir is 100% suitable for season/leather ball cricket.

which size is perfect for me?

  • If your height is 6ft or below, Full Size (33.5 inches) is perfect for you.
  • Size 6 (31 inches) is generally for children between the ages of 10-14 years.
  • If you're above 6ft, you can go for the Elevar Gully (Gully Cricket Size - 35 inches)

do you have free shipping?

 We have two shipping options:

  • Standard shipping (5-6 business days) - Free
  • Expedited Shipping (2-4 business days) - Rs. 125

is cod available?

  • Free COD is available
  • You can also pay via Netbanking, Credit/Debit Card or UPI

what is your return policy?

  • You can order our bat and return or replace it for a full refund within one week of receiving it as long as you've not played with it.
  • You can definitely get a feel of the willow quality, bat balance and our handle design and if you're not satisfied we'll take it back.

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