How is this shoe different?

Is the shoe suitable for all activities?

What is your return policy for shoes?

What is the weight of the shoe?

What sizes are available? How do I know what size I am?

What if the size doesnt fit me?

Cricket Bats

Why are your bats better to use?

Are your bats compliant with international cricket regulations?

Do you sell junior sizes?

Can I choose grip colour?

Why are your products expensive?

What grade of willow do you use?

Bats have been made a certain way for hundreds of years, why are you changing it?

How often will I need to replace the bat?

Will these bats break easily? What should I do if my bat breaks?


Can I return the products?

How can I gift someone?

What is your shipping policy?

What’s my order status?

Are there any additional taxes?

Do you provide Cash on Delivery (COD)?

How do I place an order if I reside outside India?

Which payment methods do you have?


What does Elevar mean?

Where can I try your products?

How can I apply for a job?